Parish History


Our church is located in the historic town of Catasauqua, PA.

Around 1891 an influx of Russian speaking people from Russia, Austria-Hungary, Poland, and other Slavic speaking European countries began seeking to settle Catasauqua and the surrounding area because of the employment opportunities available in the cement quarries, steel mills, fabric works and shoe factory. The available fertile farmland made this a desirable location for many people, and the rolling hills were reminiscent of the Carpatho-Russian lands.

All of these things began sowing the seed for Holy Trinity Orthodox Catholic Church.

In 1899 the lime cornerstone was laid and blessed by Father Alexis Tovt (Toth) who later was proclaimed St. Alexis Toth of Wilkes-Barre.  On November 22, 1903 the church was consecrated by the Most Reverend Archbishop Tikhon (later Patriarch of all Russia), ruling primate of the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in America.  On October 20, 1907, the first rectory was blessed by Archbishop Platon.

In 1918 the Icon of The Mother of Pochaev, one of 300 world wide, was purchased.  The riza was restored in 2008.  It hangs over the Royal Doors of the iconostasis.  The Feast Day of her commemoration is July 23 (also on Friday of Bright Week and September 8).

Over the years Holy Trinity Orthodox Church planted seeds of the One, True Faith through out the Lehigh Valley, PA.  St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Bethlehem, PA is the fruit of one of those seeds.  Following in the footsteps of our forefathers in the Faith, Holy Trinity continues to plant the seeds of the Faith in our local and surrounding communities in the Lehigh Valley.

All are welcome!  Please come and worship with us!

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Chronology of Pastors at Holy Trinity:

  • 1891-1895:  Priest-Monk Alexander Nemelovsky
  • 1896:  The Rt. Rev. Fr. Alexei Tovt  (St. Alexis Toth of Wilkes-Barre)
  • 1900-1902:  Priest-Monk Myron Volkay, Zahorsk, Russia,
    Appointed as  first Parish Priest
  • Jan, 1903-Mar, 1907:  Priest-Monk Alexander Nemelovsky
  • Feb, 1907-1908:  Fr. Kedrovsky
  • July 5, 1908-1909:  Fr. Vladimir Znosko
  • 1910-1911:  Rev. Fr. Sergei Belozorov
  • Jun 11, 1911-1914:  Fr. Olshevsky
  • Jul 20, 1915-Jan, 1919:  Fr. Blonsky
  • Feb, 1919-Oct, 1920:  Rev. Fr. Theodore Chepelev
  • Oct, 1920-Sept 1953:  Fr. Georgi Seniavsky (Senofsky)
  • Oct, 1953-Apr 1954:  Fr. Basil Petretsky
  • Apr, 1954-Dec 31, 1985:  V. Rev. Fr. Michael Romanchak
  • Mar 8, 1986-Aug 15, 1988:  Fr. Michael Prevas
  • Aug, 1988-Oct 31, 1995:  Fr. Gregory Horton
  • Sept, 1995-July, 1996:  Fr. Claude Vinyard
  • July, 1996-Dec 15, 1999:  Fr. Pavel Soucek
  • Dec 18, 1999-Jun 30, 2000:  Fr. John Armstrong
  • July 4, 2000-Jan 27 2002:  Fr. John Bruchok Jr.
  • Jan 28, 2002-May 22, 2005:  Fr. Christopher Rowe
  • May 29, 2005- June, 2009:  Fr. Timothy A. Hasenecz
  • Oct 1, 2009-June 30, 2011:  Fr. Andrew C. Bartek
  • July 1, 2011 – Present:  Fr. Timothy A. Hasenecz